Quality and
Environmental Policy


The MISSION of RESIDUOS ELECTRONICOS, S.L. is to become a renowned quality company on its provision of services: IT, electrical and electronic waste recycling, including collection, transportation, classification and storage activities and its subsequent delivery.

Our VISION is to be a reference in the management of IT, electrical and electronic waste. We try to achieve our goals through the deployment of all means at our disposal always in accordance with the core values of RESIDUOS ELECTRONICOS, S.L., which are as shown below:

  • Truthfulness in the collection and delivery of waste to be managed.
  • Reliability in the execution of the workshop works: waste classification, weighing, etc.
  • Ongoing development of the processes and satisfaction of our customers.
  • Deep respect for the environment.

These considerations are all based on the development of our professional team, who acts as an essential part in order to achieve the ongoing development through their sense of belonging to RESIDUOS ELECTRONICOS, S.L. and overall, their personal fulfillment.

In RESIDUOS ELECTRONICOS, S.L., we are aware that we need to have all appropriate tools and methods in order to achieve our MISSION and VISION. That is the reason why we decided to develop and introduce a Management System in compliance with international standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004.

The general objectives of RESIDUOS ELECTRONICOS, S.L. will be achieve through specific objectives that the Direction will establish and review them on a regular basis.

Likewise, in our eagerness to reduce possible environmental impacts, RESIDUOS ELECTRONICOS, S.L. would like to be actively involved, where possible, in the prevention of the contamination or waste generated by our business activities.

Through this actions and the deployment of human and technical resources, we would like to achieve our VISION in an effective way and to fulfill specific customer and legal requirements and any other requirement approved by RESIDUOS ELECTRONICOS, S.L.